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Often referred to as Mediterranean caviar, dried and cured female striped mullet roe has been pleasing palates for thousands of years in Europe and Asia. Known as "Botargo" in Italy and "Karasumi" in Asia, Bottarga has long been coveted by chefs and food lovers alike.

Bottarga is a memorable and distinct flavor enhancer with rich umami and aromas of sea air. Its popularity has spread from the shores of the Mediterranean and Asia to kitchens across Europe and the Americas. Bemis & James is dedicated to continuing the rich traditions and old world techniques that produce the best Bottarga the earth has to offer.

“The most flavorful, aromatic bottarga I have ever tried.”

“Bottarga is a staple of the Otto kitchen, so it's wonderful to find a domestic product who's quality far outreaches all the imported ones. Bemis & James achieves this.”

Dan Drohan, Executive Chef at Otto Enoteca Pizzeria, New York, NY.

Artisanal Quality,
Superior Flavor

Bottarga has a complex, savory flavor with a distinct ocean-born taste. Much like a high quality Parmesan cheese, bottarga can be grated or thinly sliced, and it transforms into a beautiful golden yellow when heated.

Going far beyond beautiful presentation, Bemis and James Bottarga compliments and increases the flavor profile of a large variety of dishes. A little goes a long way and, when stored properly after opening, Bemis and James Bottarga will last for several months.

Traditional Uses of Bottarga


Frequently used to enhance seafood pastas, but can also be used as the primary ingredient. A perfect addition to cream sauces, carbonara and baked pasta dishes.


Use to take your classic Caesar or Nicoise Salad to the next level, or brighten up a cooked seafood salad.


Use as the main focus or combine with other ingredients to create intense flavor in small bites.


Bottarga and seafood marry beautifully in a wide variety of raw and cooked seafood dishes.


Use thinly sliced with daikon.


Combines well with seafood or vegetable toppings.

“Like Truffles, Bottarga is an ingredient you don't fully understand until you have it at its best.”

“Bemis & James Bottarga tastes how Bottarga should taste: clean and oceanic with incredible umami.”

“Using the best ingredients and treating them with respect always pays off. Bemis & James understand this and I will continue to use their products.”

Jeremiah Langhorne, Chef/Owner, TBA in 2014, District of Columbia, USA.

Cured at the Source:
Less Travel, More Taste.

Bemis & James Bottarga is made with the freshest roe possible, collected from fresh caught striped mullet harvested from the Gulf of Mexico along the Florida Gulf coast and cured locally. Bemis & James understands that purity and consistency of ingredients are important to discerning chefs. That’s why Bemis & James' Florida-based curing operations are adjacent to the source mullet fishery.

Unlike many other brands, Bemis & James doesn’t source roe from undocumented overseas fisheries, and Bemis & James does not export roe overseas to be processed in unregulated facilities. If roe is shipped before curing it is more susceptible to bruising, torn casings and off-flavors, and the added transportation costs mean it is more costly than roe cured before shipment. Because Bemis & James Bottarga is harvested and cured locally, our customers can be assured they are receiving premium Bottarga that has been carefully maintained by Bemis & James's unique production methods that respect both the Bottarga and the environment.

“Here at Husk, Chef Sean Brock's motto is “If it doesn’t come from the South, it’s not coming through the door." That's why we were so pleased to find a bottarga that is produced in the South that is comparable to the bottarga that has been produced in Europe for centuries. We are now able to add a hint of umami to a Benne Caesar dressing or as a salty element to finish ember roasted oysters. It is important for us to be able to use a Southern product that is not only of high quality, but also sustainable.”

Brian Baxter, Executive Sous Chef, HUSK restaurant, Nashville.

Responsible Fishing

Bemis & James' partner fishery uses only cast nets, beach seines and haul seines that are safe for the environment. We actively support sustainable fishing techniques and transparent sourcing to ensure that you always get the cleanest flavor and highest quality bottarga possible.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch ( has rated our fishery "Best Choice," their highest sustainability rating. This scientific, peer-reviewed seafood watch program works to raise consumer awareness about fishery sustainability and healthy ocean ecosystems. Bemis & James is also a proud member of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services "From Florida Seafood" program.

The Perfect Process Makes The Perfect Bottarga.

Our fresh roe and Bottarga are subjected to a very strict quality assurance program to ensure the highest quality product possible. Our unique production process is approved by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and ours is the only shelf-stable bottarga produced in the United States. Bemis & James Bottarga also carries an FDA Seafood HACCP certificate, which assures consumers that Bemis & James Bottarga is an approved, shelf-stable product. Because Bemis & James Bottarga is produced with this level of care and formal certification, we have eliminated the need for expensive and sometimes unreliable refrigerated shipping and most importantly, have eliminated the need for our larger customers to maintain the associated HACCP plans and documentation for this product.

If you're on a keto diet, then the build up of ketones is going to be a problem. However, with our products you won't have to worry about that at all!

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“It's great to have a domestic bottarga that stands up to the imports. Most recently I used it on a Duck Mole Bolognese that I served at a recent Outstanding In the Field dinner. It brings a great briny punch of umami.”

Ian Boden, Executive Chef. James Beard Award Nominee Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic.

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“Bemis & James Bottarga is one of those rare products that can elevate a dish to the next level. A small amount can add depth and complexity to pasta, sauces, salads and even eggs. When paired with champagne or crisp, clean white wines, it's a can't miss!”

Hamilton Gilberg, Certified Sommelier-Las Vegas, Nevada, Graduate of The Culinary Institute of America.